Maximizing recruitment results during and after labor market disruption

Labor shortages, resignations and other disruptions can quickly destabilize recruitment. And as high-quality candidates become scarce and their wants and needs change, status-quo talent acquisition risks becoming ineffective.

To maintain success, you need talent management technology, resources and workflows that allow you to pivot with changes in the labor market. Consider these strategies to make your recruitment capabilities and processes more agile:

  • Leverage mobile recruitment
    A seamless, mobile recruitment experience makes it possible to connect with job seekers wherever they might be and lets them complete the entire application process from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Showcase a compelling employer brand
    A customizable, branded career site is crucial to differentiate your organization from competitors and attract top candidates who want to know that you understand the needs of their specific roles or area of work.
  • Use technology to improve your time to hire
    A unified system that allows you to collaborate with hiring managers, approve job listings, schedule interviews and leverage compensation benchmarks can help you get high-quality talent through the door fast.
  • Prioritize the highest quality fit
    Comprehensive pre-employment screenings can lead to a better quality of hire, whereas improper screenings or forgoing the process altogether can harm your business legally, financially and reputationally.
  • Pay attention to global screening
    Even if your organization doesn’t have a global footprint now, it’s wise to have the capabilities necessary to screen international candidates effectively and with little to no legwork on your part in case you expand in the future.
  • Ensure recruiters know the latest tactics
    Up-to-date educational tools can help recruiters learn, develop and implement the strategies that define success in today’s digitally driven, mobile-centric recruitment landscape.
  • Outsource recruitment
    Alleviating the burden of managing the complex strategic processes involved with recruitment can allow you to focus on areas of your organization that matter most to you or need your utmost attention during times of change.

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This article originally appeared on SPARK powered by ADP.

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