In today’s world, retirement planning should be designed to help employees prepare for life’s financial challenges, improve financial literacy, and put them on the road to financial wellness.

Today’s decentralized workforce requires employers to rely on digital content as a primary way to communicate information about benefits, including their retirement plan. Digital learning is becoming increasingly popular and a necessary component of retirement planning. The benefits are numerous and include the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere, simplified automation that makes retirement education accessible and easy, and multiple digital tools and media to choose from so employees have options based on their learning preferences. One study shows that 58% of employees prefer self-paced learning over instructor-led learning.1 Everyone learns differently and that’s why it’s important to connect with participants in a variety of ways.

To fulfill this growing demand, ADP offers a full suite of digital participant education content focused on improving overall financial well-being and we deploy it across multiple media platforms through:

On-demand webcasts – Interactive web-based experiences plus easy access to educational tools and resources that help guide participants in their retirement journey.

Live and on-demand virtual workshops – Enrollment and ongoing financial wellness topics are delivered to participants by an ADP Retirement Counselor.

Targeted emails – Personalized emails deliver content to help educate and drive participant engagement.

Mobile enrollment and push notifications – By enabling notifications, participants benefit from messaging focused on encouraging enrollment and saving for the future.

MyADP Retirement Snapshot® – An interactive tool that offers a personalized, guided approach taking the guesswork out of retirement planning. It leverages data analytics to help employees estimate their retirement savings needs.

ADP Achieve Engagement Hub – The ADP Achieve Engagement hub provides employees with easy access to a full suite of retirement and financial wellness resources – including on-demand workshops, videos and more. Each page is designed to educate, engage and encourage participation in their retirement plan.

Over the past few years, remote workforces have become a reality for many companies forcing them to become creative in order to engage their employees in topics like retirement. Offering a robust digital retirement education and financial wellness program to participants is critical to motivating employees to prepare for their future.

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