The Future of Pay Empowers Workers with Choice

The key is opening the door to payment options that go beyond the traditional. The world of work is changing as emerging technologies transform everything from how people collaborate and perform to get work done to...

Why a Major Workforce Expansion is the Best Time to Automate Payroll and Time...

Facing more than 200% workforce expansion, YMCA turns to an integrated payroll and time strategy. The YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South has one mission: to serve the community. The Memphis, Tenn.-based organization largely does this by caring...
What We're #WorkingFor

What We’re #WorkingFor

ADP launches a new brand identity and tagline of "Always Designing for People."
HR Recruitment Software: Risk, Rewards and Returns

HR Recruitment Software: Risk, Rewards and Returns

Why recruiting technology investments should be approached as an opportunity, rather than a requirement.
Integrating HR and Payroll Systems Doesn't Have to Be Painful

Integrating HR and Payroll Systems Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Integrating HR software with payroll systems can make for a more efficient workflow

Making the Case: Integrated Data Systems Vs. Legacy HR Overhauls

What’s the value of unified and accessible HR data? For global organizations, the growing importance of big data and the need for agile HR efforts presents a compelling case – why not make the move from legacy solutions to integrated data systems?

Business Agility Through Integrated Systems: The HR Impact

Agility is now a critical consideration for any business. How quickly can you adapt to new markets, effectively complete mergers, or implement new technology initiatives, while concurrently managing payroll, talent retention, and personnel evaluation systems?