What to Know for Year-End Reporting Compliance

There are substantial changes to year-end reporting guidelines for tax and payroll that you'll need to know for 2020. It's year-end again, which for employers means having to simultaneously figure out what year-end tax reporting requirements have changes,...

Why a Major Workforce Expansion is the Best Time to Automate Payroll and Time...

Facing more than 200% workforce expansion, YMCA turns to an integrated payroll and time strategy. The YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South has one mission: to serve the community. The Memphis, Tenn.-based organization largely does this by caring...
Integrating HR and Payroll Systems Doesn't Have to Be Painful

Integrating HR and Payroll Systems Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Integrating HR software with payroll systems can make for a more efficient workflow

Making the Case: Integrated Data Systems Vs. Legacy HR Overhauls

What’s the value of unified and accessible HR data? For global organizations, the growing importance of big data and the need for agile HR efforts presents a compelling case – why not make the move from legacy solutions to integrated data systems?