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Global HR technology is driving improvements for employees and organizations in our new world of work.

In this Workforce News Minute, Graham Wylie, VP Marketing International for ADP, breaks down four key area where technology is enhancing the role of HR.

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The global pandemic was first and foremost a people issue, and it’s had knock on implications for how people think about their work and their interaction in the workplace.

And this comes after a number of years of improving HR technology and a promise for how technology can help HR functions engage better with their employees and transform the world of work.

I see four key areas where technology will have an impact on HR.

The first is around automating for efficiency, doing away with the time-consuming legwork that takes HR away from the truly value-added tasks.

The second one is about elevating HR data into more informed decision making across the organization, particularly in a global context where organizations are increasingly operating across borders and cultures.

HR will have the data to drive better decision making.

The third is around improving the employee experience. Everyone is battling to retain talent. And a consistent employee touchpoint, whether that’s through monthly payroll or the holiday experience or any other HR engagement drives value for the organization.

And then the cumulative fourth point, if you get all of those three things right, the organization has better agility and opportunity to have the time to look forward and plan to consider the unimaginable and think what may come next and then the agility to respond to that in real time.

That’s the promise of HR tech. We’re making good progress, and I think there’s a lot more to come yet.

This article originally appeared on SPARK powered by ADP.

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